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  • Missing Your Dog? 3 Ways to Organize Group Search Parties

    5 May 2016

    Losing your dog or having it run away can be a very stressful time for families and pet owners. To help canvas the area for signs of your dog, you may try to organize a group search party. The best way for these searches to be successful is to have proper organization and communication. In missing pet cases, you may not have the same resources as you would for a missing human.

  • Contact Center Managers: 5 Reasons Why Your Customers Benefit From Video Chat

    2 July 2015

    Modern customers are often no longer willing to pick up the phone to speak to somebody in your contact center. Instant messaging and email are popular ways to get in touch, and many customers are also keen to use video chat. Nonetheless, some contact center managers are reluctant to adopt this technology because they don't understand why video chat is useful. If you're unsure why customers in your contact center want video chat, consider the five following benefits.