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Missing Your Dog? 3 Ways to Organize Group Search Parties

by Herbert Welch

Losing your dog or having it run away can be a very stressful time for families and pet owners. To help canvas the area for signs of your dog, you may try to organize a group search party. The best way for these searches to be successful is to have proper organization and communication. In missing pet cases, you may not have the same resources as you would for a missing human. This is where some clever planning can come in. By being active and organized, the following three products can help you canvas your area and hopefully find your dog faster. Each of the products can work in conjunction with one another to create your organized search group.

1. Two-Way Radios

To help get instant communications and updates from everyone involved in the search, one of the first things you should consider using are two-way radios. If you don't own them, you can rent them. These rentals can supply each person with a radio communication device that covers long distances in nearby area. For example, if the dog went missing near a large forest, everyone searching the forest can communicate through the radio devices. By renting the devices instead of purchasing them, you can save a lot of money and only use them for the time that is needed.

When you're searching for radio rentals, there are many different products to consider. Asking for the longest-range products will help you cover more ground. Searchers can easily check in about the locations they are covering or any signs of the dog. The radios also have select channels so that you can assign different channels to different groups and receive the messages back at a base camp. For example, you can set a specific radio channel for emergency updates like if the dog is found. Another channel can be set for location communications and a third channel can be set for supply requests like water or flashlights.

A number of radio rentals come with rechargeable batteries. This allows you to easily charge the devices overnight and have them ready to go for the next day of searching. Contact a representative from a company like Danmax Communication Ltd Radios to get started.

Video Drones

When searching for a lost dog, it may be hard or extremely expensive to utilize a helicopter or plane for aerial searches. You can still cover overhead searches with the use of a video drone. Drone devices have the ability to fly overhead and record video coverage of the ground. Many drone devices rely on live feeds that can be viewed on tablets or phones. When viewing this footage live, you can easily look for any signs of the canine. This will help you pinpoint search areas and send out people to try and find the dog.

More advanced drones have GPS mapping capabilities. With these features you can map out a flight path and send the drone on that exact path. This can help cover specific areas or hard-to-reach locations that people cannot reach by foot. Browse through different drone options to see which ones are affordable and have the camera features that you need. Multiple services may also allow you to rent a video drone for a few days.

Fitness Apps

As you cover a lot of ground, it can be easy to forget about places that you have already searched or investigated. Fitness apps can help keep you organized and track locations where people have searched for the dog because they use GPS trackers to create a map of running or walking paths. These same features can be turned on to help track searched areas. When multiple people are involved, they can share their maps so you can compile them all together and have a good idea of the locations that have been searched while everyone is looking for your dog. These maps will allow you to expand to new search areas or return back to ones that have not been searched in a while.

By communicating and remaining calm, you can search as much area as possible and hopefully return your dog back home quickly.